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Throwing money at a property does not guarantee success. The reality is that finding the right updates, upgrades and improvements is not about money, but rather doing the right work for the market. Simply throwing money at a property and expecting a return will leave you frustrated and disappointed. Savvy investors know that not all […]

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We recently saw a housing market report for the 10 counties that make up the “San Francisco Bay Area”. From the most expensive to the least, these 10 counties are: 1, San Mateo County 2, San Francisco County 3, Marin County 4, Santa Clara County 5, Alameda County 6, Santa Cruz County 7, Napa County […]

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Building Code Violations

In the course of the many years you have lived in your home, whether knowingly or unknowingly, you might have done additions, renovations or simply changes to your house that violate city or county building codes, or are un-permitted where a building permit was required. Maybe someone in your family is a handyman and did […]

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